Such a Feelin’s Comin’ Over Me

That time I connected the Osaka “train arriving” jingle to Shonen Knife’s “Top of the World.”

Real Coin Offerings Have Made Less Sense

The Dream

In the dream, Trump ordered the creation of a new $200 bill, with his face on it. The bills were larger than regular bills, and made of plastic so the couldn’t get wrinkled. But no one would use them and no stores would accept them, because no one believed they were real.

Day 24

All my local trees have vanished, but in San Francisco yesterday I saw no less than 3 roadside Christmas trees slowly browning away. Will capture photos on my next endeavor.

Just Me?

Does anyone else, when driving at night, look at the taillights of the other cars and imagine them, along with the car’s other features, into cartoonish faces? (Pro tip: The taillights are not always the eyes!)