Be Mad

It’s healthy!

An Australian psychology expert who has been studying emotions has found being grumpy makes us think more clearly.

In contrast to those annoying happy types, miserable people are better at decision-making and less gullible, his experiments showed.

While cheerfulness fosters creativity, gloominess breeds attentiveness and careful thinking, Professor Joe Forgas told Australian Science Magazine.

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  1. My Verizon phone crapped out. Six months left on my contract. They won’t replace the phone ansd won’t cancel my contract while waving the ETF. The phone is unuseable but I still have to pay on the contract for six more months. I have a solution, though. NET 10. Basic, simple phone for $25.00, $30.00 for 60 days of service and 300 minutes. No cotract, no fees. Works for me. Bye Verizon.

    1. o you mean like obummer care and obummer car company and soon to come obummer energy and dont forget obummer banking. ya we dont have monopolies,we have change!!!!

  2. Was considering a move over to verizon, looks like they are going the way of the banks(fees) and ripping off the public. they say the economy is down, but its greed pure and simple.

  3. This country has been running on greed for the last 30 years. Did you expect them to change? Yea right!!

  4. I’m currently with T-mobile and thinking of either Cricket, Boost Mobile, or simply nothing as a replacement. I have a friend who went with Cricket and had problems with billing clarity and said their customer service was rude. All that I’ve read about Boost Mobile is that their customer service is bad and that text messages are problematic. I’m currently paying about $60.00 a month for 1000 anytime minutes and 400 text messages, which is not much. I really do not want to commit to another 2 year contract for any reason; new phone or plan change.

    1. email me after the 20th of nuvember,
      New service will be available nationwide and many other country,
      no contracts no fees multyplan, including unlimited everything and prepaid.

  5. Guys, we should move to prepaid phones or metroPcs. I dream for that day when all phone companies with conract scheme will be wiped out of their greed business. !!

    1. Get mad and stay mad. Iencourage people to write/email the senators and crongress men about how strongly they feel about the matter and they are outraged by the fact that the federal government to control these fees.

      It looks like the phone companies being nation are able to operate in an unregulated manner on fees like the nationwide banks (BOA, Citi, Goldman Sachs, etc.) have been able to charge userous rates and ever increasing fees for issues that cost the little or nothing.

      We need a consumer protection agency that has the power control the fees the phone companies charge. They are interstate commerce and merit federal regulation.

  6. I was a Verizon customer for about 8 years when I relocated from Pittsburgh to Cleveland. I moved right on the lake about 5 years ago and my service completely die out while I got up to my house. I visited a Verizon store and they insisted that it was because my phone was older. They suggested I get a newer phone. I wanted a nice phone and they offered $100 off to reset my policy so I went with that. It turned out I received no reception on the new phone either. I returned to the Verizon store and told them my story and their response was that I would have to pay the early termination fee to get out. After several minutes of trying to explain that I bought the new phone through the advise of their sales representative I eventually had to walk out of the store before I completely lost it. A year after I went to AT&T, Verizon added towers to my area to cover up next to the lake but I will use two empty bean cans and some string before I go back to Verizon. The so called “Customer service” that they say they have is non-existant when you need to get out of a plan regardless if it is due to their inability to provide adequate service.

    1. Their customer service does suck. My wife and I combined accounts and we were told the only change would be in rates. They lied! When I went to change phones, I had was told that since the bill to party was my wife (they wouldn’t bill to both parties) I was told I had to have my wife’s permission to change and she had to come in person. I did lose it. I told them it would be a cold day in hell before I would say “mommy may I” to my wife. We wer told we were equal parties in the agreement and they were lying SOBs. Further, I said I was going to pursue the iasues of consumer with the authorities! I said it loud enough for everyone in a very crowded Verizon stor to hear. After that the manager decided it was time to resolve the problem even though he had refused to at first.

      Yhe only reason aI’ve stayed with Verizon is the national coverage since my wife and I travel. I may however have to switch to AT&T to upgrade to the IPhone I want in spite of AT&T’s more limiyed coverage.

  7. When I moved from Chicago to Michigan a few years ago, I had my number changed to a local MI number. For some reason this caused an irritating echo on my phone rendering it useless. After several handset changes and hours, literally HOURS spent on the phone with CS, I got to this point:
    Me: When I signed the contract, you agreed to give me usable service for a monthly fee Correct?
    HIM: Yes.
    Me: You have failed to live up to the contract. I would simply like to be let out of the contract. Nevermind the money I’ve spent on peripherals for these phones, I just want out of my contract no ETF.
    Him: *long pause* Sir, when you signed your contract, Verizon never said that you WOULDN’T have echo on your phone.
    Me: *long pause* There is also no guarantee that my head won’t burst into flames as I’m walking down the street, but I have a REASONABLE expectation that isn’t going to happen!!!
    Him: Silence.

    Needless to say, I left, paid the ETF and got more than 30 – 40 friends and co-workers to leave. Ironically, I am now in a capacity of purchasing and recommending mobile devices in my company. Again, needless to say, Verizon gets ZERO business from me.

  8. Verizon is too big for their pants! They need some REAL competition. Whoever said they are getting greedy just like the banks hit the nail on the head. The public needs to find a way to rely less on cell phones. The cell phone monopoly has lock on the American public!

    1. While I agree that Verizon is too big for their pants, it is an unspoke national policy to have land lines go the way of the Dodo bird.

      Hence, the cell phone companies need to be regulated like the public utilities they have become.

      Write your senators and congressman and let him/her know your feelings.

      I do remember when Sprint had no contract/ I had their service as did my sons and mother. After experiencing some coverage problem over a couple of years I had to leave Sprint. They simply said they were sorry to lose me as acustomer but they understood my problem. At that time Sprint was a great company to do business to do business with and I recommended them highly. Sadly, today they have gone to a mandatory service agreement. I think its cost them many potential customers.

  9. I’ve been with Verizon wireless for over 10 years. I was on the fence of whether to renew this year because I found out recently that they lowered the new every two from $100 to $50 and now this increase to $350 early termination fee. Well, that’s insane! Greed over customer service . . . I can see so many people jumping ship now. I can only hope that the other wireless companies can see how much this helps them by having a lower early termination fee rather than getting on the bandwagon.

  10. Want a third-rate cell phone company? Sign up with Verizon. After I did I was told the reason I didn’t have good service was because I had too many trees in my yard. Echo, echo, echo, on the lines is ridiculous, embarrassing, too! Yet, Verizon does nothing. From their first failure of not holding to their free over-night shipping, to their awkward and unfounded limitations on their phones Verizon is the worst of the worst…and I’ve been with AT&T, Cingular, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Of course, when my contract expires, so will Verizon’s time as my cell provider…must be why they need to increase their lock on the consumer. Sucker you in, and then refuse to let you go. People, don’t be that stupid…don’t sign on the dotted line!

  11. I’m glad I read this before I switched to Verizon, I want(ed) the Droid but now I will have to pass for now. I use AT&T which sucks (was so much better when it was Cingular)but I am out of contract and the problem with AT&T is the same greed, their switching all the phones to smart phones which means you pay the sick data plan prices and the phones are overpriced. Greed and racism will destroy America.

  12. FIOS doesn’t tell you.. that if you cancel fios bundles even within the provided 15 days that you CANNOT GO BACK to DSL or any other carrier because they dis-abled you copper connection. The only option is to take on a fios product with-out any discounts. And if you don’t like those fees you are S.O.L. no phone, no i-net no service!

    1. If you just get fios internet then they have to keep the copper or if you tell em to leave it, then get the rest turned on later. to be honest if a fiber line goes down youll lose phone, internet and video…best to keep em seperate anyways.

  13. Verizon has started to nickel and dime the consumer. I was happy with them for years but am ready to walk. I can’t believe the government hasn’t stepped in to stop the insanity of consumers having to lock into cell phone contracts. Rip off artists….

    1. I agree with you and urge you to write you senators and congressman and demand that congress act since the FCC won’t or can’t.

  14. This is exactly why I dont and will never own a cell phone..every company is now totally trying to rip off its customers in one way or another…so much for loyalty. Wont keep em long that way

  15. I agree with the comment re the government stepping in. With such high termination fees (indeed, with any ETFs), the collective effect is to restrict competition where it belongs…on phones, coverage and service and not on ‘contracts’ which border on building monopolies. I, for one, will write the Fair Trade Commission and Congressmen and see what might be done.

    1. Yeah that is what we need is more government intervention. Before you know it the govt will own everything. I agree that Verizon should be stopped – use someone else. If they don’t have customers they don’t have a business.

    2. The Fair Trade Commission deals with international commerces. However do write[email your senators and congressman know how you feel. Further you can let them know that their unaction can be a consideration in how you cast your vote next time.

    1. Good move.

      My wife’s phone broke and they told he she had exposed it to excess heat by keeping it in her bra when didn;t have her purse and also that she had voided the warranty because of abuse whas shown by the paint peeling off, It has really made me consider leaving Verizon when my contract is up. The doubling of the ETFs is an added incentive. Brring back the old days of Sprint when you didn’t have to sign a contract. They kept their customers with their service. Too bad its not true today. They too have gone to requiring a contract. What a shame, I’m sure its cost them customers. We now have a choice, between tweedle de and tweedle dum.

      I’m shupping around.

  16. For about 10 years ago I had problem with Sprint when I tried to terminate their service.
    They are still bugging me now and then when they can find.
    Since that I have only been using pay as go service.
    Everybody of us should demand our owm terms when we sign up to something. I would not sign up to something I could not terminate in 6 months

    1. Much shorter contracts are a great idea. No longer would be like slaves, locked into a company for an= very long time. They would keep customers by the quality of their service. Quality of service as reason for retaining customers is alien to the industry, hence the high ETFs and long term contracts.

  17. Verizon does it again. Already the worst cell provider in terms of charging for EVERY application- rarely is anything included in their plans. I’ve been with Verizon since 2001, and I spend $205 per month with them. But, enough is enough!

  18. All this about Verizon, it’s not just them. I was with AT&T (phones, satellite TV, DSL) for 20 years. Moved to a small town in east Texas and had no reception on one cell phone, limited on the other. I called and called, they even claimed to send out a crew to check the towers in the area. Heard the same thing from others with AT&T that had the same problem. Their coverage map even showed excellent coverage in this area, NOT at all for me! Yeah, they lock you in too. I was stuck with their service for another year! Luckily, I still had a house phone for the fax machine, had people call me on it. Why are we being so kind talking about cell phones at all? The monthly fees are ridiculus! I finally reached the end of my contract last month with AT&T. Before it happened, I went with Verizon. I talked to a lot of people and there were more happy with Verizon than any other. I actually already had an account with Verizon, had gone with them for internet connection a year before, all that was available where I lived was dial up. No, I am not out in the boonies, only 7 miles north of town! My internet connection with them has been great the whole time! And, now that I have a cell phone with them, I have great reception on phone calls, too. So, just because this article has Verizon in it’s headline, it’s not just about them, all the cell phone companies are doing it, get mad? Yeah, we need to, like someone already posted on “obummer”, good ol’ Obi is not doing anything for the country to make it better, along with his circus of clowns, that is who we need to GET MAD ABOUT!!!

    1. WOW!
      How did Obama got in here? How long have we had these problems? The guy come in and has hardly been in office for a year, and he is responsible for Verizon. I guess in the present economic climate, he should FOCUS his energies on phone service! INSANELY RIDICULOUS…And this comes generally comes from people who voted for the Bush-man…Twice!
      Praised the IRAQ war, the destruction of the middle class, while favoring corporate profits. Dave and company, get over it:the guy won and is tackling an oodle of problems created before he came in…Is he supposed to wave a magic wand and all will be fine? Let me stop here before I explode!

      1. Yeah Bush may have messed up the middle class but Obama is not only messing up the middle class more but he is extending it to our children’s future and there children’s future as well. All Obama wants is to control everything so he can pay his buddies who helped put him where he is now.

    2. Right on!

      Write your senators and congrssman and tell them how you feel about the abusive fees (much like the banks) and the ridiculous long term contracts. If their product is good customers will stay, contract or no contract.

  19. I was with Alltel, there service was ok, but then the take over with Verizon. I can not get out of my contract, even though I hated Verizon. I did not go with them when I took out my contract and now I am stuck it to them for another year…I hate this company..

    1. Take them to small claims cour since they have changed the terms of your agreement.

      Don’t ask for damages, just ask for a court orderrequiring Verizon to release you from your contract.

      You don’t need an attorney in small claims court in most states.

      As an aside, my cousin had Alltell and its service was horrible. She switched to AT&T and got an IPhone. She loves her phone and the service is outstanding.

  20. Ok guys, quit blaming the president we’ve had for only 11 months, and start looking back aways, not all of you are old enough, but it all started in the Reaganomics era, when the big companies were given free reign to monopolize! Free from government intervention! The mantra of the right!

    1. Agree Cindy, everybody seems to have forgotten Reagan’s slogan-tricke down affect…….Well guess what Government is broke, banks went broke, wallstreet is broke, GM and Chrylser are broke and now I am as we.. It trickled down perfectly.

    2. You’re right. Its not President Obama’s doing. The era of not regulating goes way back. Further they got additional leeway from Bush for the spying services they provided him.

      If the long term goal of getting rid of land lines nationally is to succeed, then the industry must be brought under control.

  21. I think it is time that consumers take matters into their own hands and boycott these money hungry companies. Verizon doubling the early contract cancellation fee is extortion, pure and simple. Verizon should be boycotted by all consumers. There are plenty of other cell phone companies around to make deals with. Congress and the Obama Administration are complicitous if they allow this practice to continue, simply because someone signs a contract. My suggestion for all you Verizon customers who are dissatisfied with the service that Verizon provides is to simply sign up with a new more reasonable cell provider, cancel your contract with Verizon and do not pay the charges. Make sure you cancel the charge card or bank account that you have attached to the account, then they cannot get their money. What are they going to do, spend 10 times as much in court fee’s. The consumer has to stop this type of UNFAIR trade practice. Remember the Boston Tea Party.

  22. I am already mad!! Where’s our justice system when cell phone companies pull this crap?? I have a prepaid plan with Verizon and they want MORE money after 30 days, even if I haven’t USED all my minutes (and that’s what I paid for, hello!, not 30 DAYS), and they won’t give me a refund if I don’t use my prepaid minutes!!!

  23. I see lines, long lines signing up for verizon-lines at mal wart also, even though one third have diabetes, they still shop at mal wart. conclusion. the human race is to blame for everything. sure verizion wire tapped all of us with out warrants, but we were scammed into voteing for the uniter not a diveder. in europe they can teach us a few things about life. we are not educated in school-cant balance a checkbook, much less choose a cell phone company.. consumer reports, said att had the worst service of all. but today some one watching TV will sign up …..verizon wants all your money, can you say one thousand dollars for a early out fee, its coming soon to a store near you.

  24. 911 calls are free…no charge, no plans…what else does one need? Do the same thing we did before cell towers. An added benefit – drivers will live longer.

  25. I agree with Anita!!! I was on the fence of whether to renew this year because I found out recently that they lowered the new every two from $100 to $50 and now this increase to $350 early termination fee. Well, that’s insane! Greed over customer service . . . I can see so many people jumping ship now. I can only hope that the other wireless companies can see how much this helps them by having a lower early termination fee rather than getting on the bandwagon.

    1. You’re absolutely right. If acompetitor was smart it would reduce the term of its contracts and have little or no ETF. Their ads could be based on the agrument their their service is good and they don’t need to lock in customers and charge the exhorbitant fees to leave a company. Let customer satisfaction rule, It does in the auto industry and the result has been a much better product. The best wins out and worst loses like Chrysler and GM.

  26. Yeah nobody is to blame but ‘US’ the American people for giving in and not standing up for anything. As long as these big companies see that we’ll take the abuse they’ll keep punching. Its all greed and nothing will change until we change it. You can’t blame presidents they are one person we are billions, a person only has the power that you give them…it makes me cringe to think about this though its a recession and people are getting poorer and poorer but these companies are alienating people even more. Its a domino effect…If we have no money to give then they can’t get any money but the greed for paper has made them stupid and unable to access their common sense. America is tearing itself down instead of building up. Raising prices and cutting jobs instead of lowering prices and adding jobs to keep money flowing. We’re just so deep in this mess its gonna take forever to get out if we ever do….sad

  27. I bought a T-Mobile phone while on vacation. The tech people assured me it would work in my home town and even set me up with a local area code number. When I got within 30 miles of home I lost the signal and couldn’t use the phone! T-Mobile customer service eventually let me out of the 2 year service contract woithout an ETF, but now are pursuing me with a collection agency that wants over $400 in collections fees!! As a result I’m dropping all wireless and internet services and praying for solar flares!

    1. If they let you out of the contract, tell the collection ageny to take a fkying leap and if they don’t tell them you’r going to take legal action. Then, go ahad and file a complaint with your state attorney geberal’s office and with the FCC. What have you got to lose?

  28. i have a net-10 phone . when i brought it i har 300 minutes use them now i have three 300 minutes ,but the company can not get them hooked up i have 6 hr in phone time house unit but they do not seme to have anyone to hook it up of course they are sitting on my money but these 2.00 dollar a hour employes realy have any idea or abilities to fix it thank you i am going to call FCC

  29. The problem isn’t that they are a “monopoly.” The problem is people don’t feel the cost of the phone outweighs the benefit. So the government has no reason to step in (mostly cause they’re getting buku taxes).

    I do find it amazing, if the customer choose to leave early, we have to pay them. But they (Verizon) choose not to give us rollover minutes, so why don’t they pay us back for those unused minutes?

    1. Chris thats a good question, Why shouldn’t they either reduce our bill proportionately by the number of unused minutes or give rollover minutes. As we as a nation become totally dependent on cell phones as our sole form of voice communication and internet access, things will have to change dramatically.

  30. Watch out. Verizon is zeroing out prepaid balances. I had over $250 balance in mid-September. I am on autopay and on Sept 17th, all of a sudden my balance was $30. After wading through to a real person at customer service, I was told they have no record of it and my records are not acceptable. This was simply stealing.

  31. Very sloppy. Alway get receipts and save your cancelled checks. Don’t ever truct their recordkeeping.

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