On a lark I thought I’d update my Geek Code block. Here it is.


Version: 3.1

GL/B/IT d s++:– a C++ U P L+ E— W+++$ N+ o– K? w+++ O—- M V+ PS+++@ PE@ Y++ PGP t 5 X+ R+++ tv++ b++$ DI++ D++ G e+++ h—(—-) r+++ y+++(+++++)


The nagging pain behind tooth #23 has taken me to the dentist three times already, every time with the same diagnosis: there is nothing wrong with you. Another “I don’t see anything there” today. Now it’s off to the periodontist (gum doctor) to see if he can figure it out. Grand.

In most men’s room stalls, you’ll usually find a newspaper (or at least a section of it) left by some kind soul for entertainment purposes in an otherwise morose locale. Today I discovered not a section of the Wall Street Journal, but instead a handful of pages printed out from WSJ.com. Is this sad? Maybe it wouldn’t have been so depressing if all the stories weren’t on politics. Print out the Lifestyle section next time, dude!