Last year I won $60 in the office Survivor pool. I’m looking to repeat. If you’re interested in joining the game this year ($10 buy-in), e-mail me. The season starts September 19. Here are the cattle.

It freaks me out when I’m listening to a CD and finish a song, then click over to the radio and they’re playing the same song I was just listening to. Makes me worry that somehow the radio people are keeping tabs on me via a heretofore unknown technology. This was the song. Two fun facts: Porn star Ron Jeremy actually produced the video for this song, and a spoken Richard Pryor sample can barely be heard if you crank up the volume during the first few seconds of the tune.

My father is a longtime Houston Astros fanatic, but even he is showing signs of jadedness. I asked him what he thought of the impending strike. He said he didn’t think it was such a bad thing, because he’d get a refund on his season tickets for all the games which got cancelled.

On a lark I thought I’d update my Geek Code block. Here it is.


Version: 3.1

GL/B/IT d s++:– a C++ U P L+ E— W+++$ N+ o– K? w+++ O—- M V+ PS+++@ PE@ Y++ PGP t 5 X+ R+++ tv++ b++$ DI++ D++ G e+++ h—(—-) r+++ y+++(+++++)


Realization of the day: if our cable TV provider were to join them, we would have no utilities being serviced by a solvent company (joining phone, electric, and gas providers — all bankrupt).

The nagging pain behind tooth #23 has taken me to the dentist three times already, every time with the same diagnosis: there is nothing wrong with you. Another “I don’t see anything there” today. Now it’s off to the periodontist (gum doctor) to see if he can figure it out. Grand.