Don’t Look at the Camera

Publicity still from today’s Lady Gaga/Polaroid event…

(click for full size to see if you can spot “the issue”…)

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Christopher Null

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Look at the Camera”

  1. You mean the girl in the pinkish top with all those fingers? How many hands does she have anyway?

  2. Oh. There’s a person holding a camera above all their heads…facing the same direction as they are.

    Actually, there’s two.

    1. I should clfriay on the copy and paste. I’m copying and pasting from FrontPage program which does not display the HTML code unless I go to a code view. Interestingly, that picks up the embedded HTML which I place over in WordPress and then edit out the extraneous code.But, I’m going to display my FrontPage info in an actual browser (the HTML doesn’t show on the editing page, only in the code view page) and see if that gets rid of the code. A DOH moment, Kaz, so thanks for the comment! It will save me some time.

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