PG&E, This Is Ridiculous

Dear Valued Customer,

Your energy statement(s) for Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is attached and ready to be paid.

You may pay your bill within the secure PDF* by following the easy steps below:

  1. Open attached PDF.
  2. Enter password.
  3. Complete the form by entering your information into the General Account, Payment Profile and Bank Account Information fields.
  4. Select Pay Now button.
  5. Confirm payment details in window, and then select Yes to continue if correct.

Accept any Adobe security settings, if applicable.

*Adobe Reader version 7.0.8 and above is required to open the attached PDF. The Secure PDF Payment feature is not supported on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android. Please use a desktop or laptop computer to use the Secure PDF Payment feature, or log in to your account on MyEnergy to pay your bill(s).

Click below to view the most recent bill inserts including any legal and mandated notices.

If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate corresponding number below for additional information:

Residential customers: 1-877-660-6789
Business customers: 1-800-468-4743
Agricultural customers: 1-877-311-3276

Thank you, we appreciate your business.

Customer Care
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
77 Beale St., San Francisco, CA 94105

PG&E is committed to protecting our customers’ privacy.
To learn more, please visit

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