A chronology of recent events.

9/5, 2pm – Arrive at home, anticipating delivery of bunk beds for kiddie room. Delivery (privately shipped from Texas) is scheduled for 2 to 4pm.

4pm – No sign of delivery folks.

6pm – Still no sign of delivery folks. Call to shipping company yields answering machine.

6:30pm – Depart for movie screening.

7:30pm – Begin to sit through one of the worst films of the year.

9:30pm – Arrive home. Of course, message on our machine from shippers state that they were here “a little while ago” and would try to deliver the beds first thing the following morning, at 7:30am.

10:30pm – Go to bed.

11pm – Telephone rings. It’s the shippers. Can they come now? Sure. They’re in Oakland and will arrive in an hour.

9/6, 12 midnight – The world’s latest furniture delivery is completed. The very southern guys refer to us as “Mister Null” and “Miss Ashley.” They smell bad. Finally, return to bed.

1:30am – Giant pregnant wife suddenly decides she is going to throw up. Bathroom sprint and much coughing ensues. Not entirely sure if she really needed to throw up or if it was just indigestion. Finally get back to sleep.

3am – Beep beep beep beep beep beep. What is that beeping? It’s like a truck backing up, but it’s coming from inside the house. I scour the house and finally find the source — Miss Ashley’s cell phone going crazy. It’s in her purse, which is in the bathroom because she thought she had antacids in there.

7:30am – Reluctantly wake up to massive headache. Miss Ashley fiddles with the phone to reveal 7 messages from the shipping company, all left while we were at the movie.

Okay, I guess I know what it’ll be like when this baby gets here. Geez.

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