There’s a billboard in SF that I just don’t understand. I don’t know what company it’s advertising but it’s related to a probably long-passed trade show nearby. The billboard has the proverbial hare and tortoise sitting at a starting line. The tortoise’s lane is straight and short. The hare’s goes out on a long bend then comes back (oddly, the lanes intersect at the end, possibly creating a collision between the competitors). A caption reads: “Race On Over!” and urges you to come to booth # whatever. Besides the fact the track layout is poor, I don’t understand at all what this is trying to get across. As the audience, am I supposed to identify with the hare? And that I should run out of my way to get to your booth? Or am I a tortoise? And you’re saying I’m very slow. Tomorrow I’ll try to actually note what company put up this idiotic ad (which means it isn’t really doing its job anyway… I’ve passed it about 50 times and still don’t know who it’s for) and it might make sense. Or I might very well go off again.

*UPDATE* I edited this because I had the caption wrong. The company is NovoLog, which actually makes insulin products. I’m more confused than ever.

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