My collected thoughts on a new candy I bought today: The dark chocolate Kit Kat.

– First off, with 45 days to go until Christmas, this is touted as a holiday stocking stuffer. 45 days!

– That shock behind me, what does this have to do with Christmas? The white chocolate version (also available) makes more sense, but I think all chocolate candies should be dark chocolate, all the time. Dark chocolate rocks!

– Finally, execution on this candy is poor. I consider myself an expert on the Kit Kat, but this version does not appear to have anything between the layers of wafer. They’re just mushed together. Having just finished the four sticks, I guess some of them have something between the layers, but it ain’t dark chocolate. Fix it, people of the H.B. Reese Candy Co.!

P.S. Baby slept the entire time on the Home Depot trip. Of course, my parents called while we were out and frantically tracked us down, asking if we were “at the hospital!?” Bubbububbbububb.

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