Here’s a pet peeve (what, another one?).

So I’m in this corporate training thing (a whole other peeve) and we are, of course, asked to introduce ourselves to the roomful of strangers. Never mind that we will never see each other again — the training session is on disaster planning — we are supposed to say who we are, what department we work for, and who our boss is. Why this information is important I don’t know, especially the boss part. So anyway we’re going along and most people are dutifully spending 15 seconds on the intro, but this one annoying woman decides to take the opportunity to give us her corporate life story, going on and on about how her department structure has changed and how she now has “dotted line” responsibility to a bunch of different people. Essentially what she’s hinting at is that she’s probably next to get laid off but she wants to convince us all that she’s worth saving — never mind that no one in the room has any involvement with her job in any way. I wanted to slap her around a little, but there was candy to distract me.

The moral of the story: Shut the hell up.

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