Made a pilgrimage to SFMOMA today… boy, the current exhibits are true disappointments.

Paul Klee made some impressive works of art. Unfortunately none of these works were on display today. Instead there were 140 or so scribbles and doodles, some on the backs of pages ripped out from books. For an exhibit meant to be one of the most comprehensive looks at Klee’s life, how about a few of the hits?

I was also curious about the Reel Sculpture: Film into Art exhibit, only to find it something entirely different than what I expected. Note to filmmakers: Why would you think I would want to go into a little room and watch your (poor) movie jumping around on five different TVs? Why not make a regular movie and spare us the video art nonsense? And what museum would put on such a show? There’s a reason why people would wander into the room and quickly leave. Because it sucked. Bill Viola I can appreciate. This kind of junk needs to stop.

That said, the enormous Andreas Gurksy photos are very impressive. See those.

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