Bizarre email from out of the blue… The final sentence is what makes it worthwhile.

Greetings from eBay,

Our records show you have applied to eBay within the past 6 months. eBay has recently changed resume tracking vendors and will no longer have your resume on file. eBay continues to be interested in having your information available for future job opportunities. Please re-submit your resume by linking to: The new system allows job seekers to maintain an applicant profile, create personal job search agents and streamlines the application process. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you find our new process easy to use. Thank you in advance for your continued interest in a career at eBay.

Please note: If you are currently interviewing at eBay or are in direct talks with an eBay recruiter, please resubmit your resume to ensure our system contains your most recent information.

If you are already currently employed at eBay, please disregard this message.

The eBay Staffing Team

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