Soaking Gummi Bears in Water for Fun and Profit (Mostly Fun, Alas)

The mind-bending effect of soaking a Gummi Bear overnight in water. Unsoaked bear shown for scale.

Soaking credit: Steve King, Mobile PC managing editor.

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Christopher Null

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75 thoughts on “Soaking Gummi Bears in Water for Fun and Profit (Mostly Fun, Alas)”

      1. I wish, but the sad truth is that most people have a very limited grasp of science, so any display of something that surprises them, even those with a very simple scientific explanation, like osmosis, is met with worry.

          1. I agree with rowrow. I mean you gotta let people know you are better then them. especially on the intronet.

  1. Osmosis- The diffusion of water through a semi-permeable membrane. One of the only definitions I remember from 8th grade biology. :)

    1. Osmosis is the movement from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration through a semi-permeable membrane

      1. That’s why he said ‘DIFFUSION’
        Diffusion – Def. – Movement of a fluid from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration.

        1. And technically, osmosis refers only to the movement of water. As James said, diffusion is the movement of any substance from higher to lower concentration.

          I knew that biology degree would come in handy.

  2. purplebear just reminds me of that woman who sees the rainbow in her sprinkler and then makes a video about ‘what are they putting in our water?’

  3. think this would work with alcohol? slightly bigger molecule… but maybe? worth a try. vodka gummy bears.

    1. Doesn’t work. very sad. But get the Orange slice candies, soak them in the vodka for couple of days. Strain out the now dead orange slices (Do not eat them, really wretched texture). You get a really sweet and thick, very orange vodka liquer.

    2. Vodka gummi bears totally work, and anyone telling you otherwise is the enemy of fun. However- eat them the night you make them, as leftover vodka gummi bears are… well, just toss ’em before you pass out – trust me.

  4. the definition we had to learn in the 7th grade was “the passing of a substance from a greater concentration to a lesser concentration through a semi-permeabe membrane” as best I can recall

  5. So u think everione should no how two spel properle ande have an basic knowledge of how thins work scientificalle? taht is stapid, know one can kep al taht knowledge, if it wur posible teh world would implode due two ekscess informatien. u peopul make me sick.

    Made possible with spell uncheck, look it up.

  6. Wouldn’t this be diffusion instead of osmosis? I don’t think gummy bears have any membranes.

    1. You wouldn’t think pot had membranes either, but I cure my weed with osmosis.

      Not to mention my gummi bears. From now on anyway.

      Matter of fact I’m going to go to the grocery store for some gummi bears right now.

      Any of you smart guys wanna tell me if there’s a way to do this faster than a day?

      1. to speed process place gummie bears in a beaker 1/2 full of water. Top plugged with rubber plug with hole. A tube leading into the plug carries the air pressurized by a compressor
        (2-3 lb max)The pressurized surroundings will accelearate process. Do not heat.

      2. Pot has membranes. All cells, human, plant or bacterial, have membranes. So that includes pot.

        When it comes to gummi bears, they don’t have membranes, but they can swell in water because of the gelatin, which can retain LOTS of water. When the gummi bears are soaked, they get softer. Jell-O with the proper amount of water solidifies, but if you put in more water, it gets softer. I don’t know what this process is called, but anyway, it’s all because of the jelly!

        -X- Pinky`

  7. Ill have to try this with vodka.
    anyone else thinking of trying this dont leave booze uncovered for long periods of time, it evaporates faster then water and your vodka will turn into little more then gross tasting water

    @the last guy, good question, i dodnt remember what exact constitues a membrane

  8. Dear LAWDY!

    Non Elitist, I am deeply concerned by your lack of total control over your inability to spell correctly.

    I lose sleep on a nightly basis because of this.

    Get a job.

    (“snicker” :) )

  9. What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of the women! – “Conan the Barbarian”

  10. Oh no! Now some entrepreneur will soak gummi bears and sell them as “King-Size Bears.”

    H.L. Mencken was right, “No one ever lost money underestimating the taste of the American Public.”

  11. So where exactly are the membranes in gummy bears? There mostly just sugar aren’t they? What’s sugar doing with a semi-permeable membrane?

  12. Dude, they’re made of mostly gelatin, hence the expansion when soaked in water. Jell-0 would do much the same thing before it completely dissolved. I am guessing (not factual, just a hypothesis), that if you left the gummy bear long enough, it too, would dissolve.

  13. If more people knew about this, their gummy bear collections would last for months instead of hours.

  14. you all make my balls hurt, just sitting here arguing over the gummi bear. who cares? it’s bigger and that’s funny. no reason to get all pompous about it.

  15. To everyone suggesting doing this with vodka: wouldn’t the ethanol dissolved the gummy bears? They are made with gums and not gelatin right?

    1. I am thinking you are right. Seems that the alcohol would dissolve the bears, but I couldn’t say for sure.

  16. Don’t do this at home, it’s now filled with a chemical, dihydrous monoxide and is highly addictive and deadly. Please heed this warning, EVERYONE who comes into contact with this substance will die!!


      I’m wondering how many people will get it. Good joke. Almost had me making a troll bait comment till I re-read it for clarity!

    2. Interesting. Around here, we call it “protium hydroxide”. But I suppose your DHMO is a bit more plentiful, since it can include trace amounts of deuterium hydroxide and the occasional tritium hydroxide.

  17. am I the only one who think they taste horrible afterwards? tasteless and harder to chew? anywho… why am I even commenting on this shit…

  18. Osmosis is generally carried out by fine particle filtration using a membrane plant and a biological aeration not to be confused with a solid which would prefer to bond with H2O molecules (covalent bonding) so therefore by nature of there being more atoms there is a greater area e.g. bigger Gummi bear pmsl.

  19. You elitist science jockies are slap-fighting over osmosis and diffusion but you don’t know enough to know that the damn gummy bear, of course, has membranes as it has cells?!

    The next time you’re about to reach your hand out to anonymous-douch bag all over a stranger, at LEAST have the presence of mind to think about how much of a dumbass you might sound like when someone asks you a question.

    I’m trying it with sour gummies and pucker.

  20. It’s not osmosis/diffusion you bunch of sack sucking cracktards. It’s a normal gummi bear next to a large gummi bear. You can purchase larger gummi bears which has less sugar and are more chewy and fun to play with… Science sucks and doesn’t apply here you pathetic internet erudition zealots.

    1. Oh come on… the larger gummi bears look exactly the same as the smaller ones, and are not translucent like the one in the picture. and yes, there is science involved!

      1. Splort is a troll, no such thing as larger gummy bears. His post is nothing more than an attempt to get others to respond, obviously this story is legit.

  21. I wonder what would happen if you put these gummi bears in your nose. Is anyone willing to try that?

  22. Will this work for my girlfriend if she stays in the tub all night? It’ll save some serious bucks for a boob job..

  23. Omg i just got some gummi bears!!!! i hope it works!!!! ill post a comment and let u kno if it does :)

  24. Soak em in liquor….they’re like chewy little jello shots! I do it almost every time I have a party

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