Sometimes the Pitches are TOO Good

Evan’s pitch landed in my inbox and I wanted to give his company Gecen some press.

While We’re at It…

What is the proper etiquette these days when someone is a no-show on a conference call? How long do you officially have to wait before you give up?

(I propose 8 minutes.)

A Modest Proposal for Zoom Etiquette

I hereby propose the following for use in Zoom and other video-based meetings:

If a person is trying to speak but inadvertently has their microphone “on mute,” simply hold your hand over your mouth to indicate visibly that you are unable to hear them.

Planning Ahead

Domain names that are unavailable: is available. For now.

Catch Me Live at 2pm Pacific

I’ll be joining BourbonBlog for “Virtual” Derby Day, where I’ll be talking about the future of booze with a panel of industry experts. Come say hi! Juleps for all!