Eyewitnessed on the road #2:

Expedition in front of me ignores red light that’s been on for a LONG time, blows on through to complete a left turn, encounters Honda Element coming through the intersection on a green light. Crunch, fender bender. They both pull over, into the bus stop area, where Expedition can start apologizing.

Immediately, a giant double-car bus comes plowing through the intersection behind the Element. He can’t stop in the bus lane since it’s occupied, so he just stops in the middle of the street. Pickup truck is also trying to get through the intersection, but his lane quickly becomes occupied by the ginormous bus. Crunch, fender bender #2.

The street is now clogged with four vehicles all wedged together. It’s maybe the most polite and certainly the most idiotic auto accident I’ve ever seen.

The light turns green (I’ve been stopped at the intersection the whole time, watching this quietly unfold), and as I pull away from the pack of morons I start to wonder if I shouldn’t have honked my horn with the Expedition plowed through the red light. Could all of that have been avoided?

Best not to dwell on it. It gave me something good to write about, for once.

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