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Subject: New Poll Puts Bush Number One When Asked Whose Butt Would You Most Like to Kick?


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New Poll Puts Bush Number One When Asked , “Whose Butt Would You Most Like to Kick?”

Survey results to be used for new book in reverence to the human buttocks

October 22, 2004 – Americans may be divided in their views on domestic policy, the war in Iraq and terrorism, but according to results of a new poll released today, there is widespread agreement about whose butt we’d most like to kick.

In an open-ended question asking, “Whose Butt Would You Most Like to Kick?,” 62 percent of those responding answered George W. Bush. No one else came close. Rounding out the list are Vice President Dick Cheney and Tony Blair (each with 6 percent) and Saddam Hussein, Al Franken, George Bush Sr., and Jennifer Lopez (each with 3 percent).

The survey, conducted to collect data and identify trends for the upcoming Derriere the Book, is uncovering some “tell tail” intelligence about our derrieres and the derrieres of those we know, love or love to hate. A refreshing and candid tribute to the human buttocks, this rear guard look at the gluteus maximus – due out in 2005 – is for anyone who’s worried that theirs just doesn’t measure up.

As the “bottom line on butts,” Derriere the Book will feature interviews, photos, historical references, cultural influences and other butt-related intelligence.

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Subjected to years of “Bubble Butt” name calling from friends and family alike, Jane Blume only recently discovered a healthy appreciation for her superior posterior. Now a self proclaimed expert on the derriere, she hopes to help others find new respect for this much misrepresented and maligned muscle by publishing the long overdue Derriere the Book.

After listening to her German parents describe her young butt with the Spanish adjectives “muy gordo,” it was plain that “MOOOey” was universally understood. Years later and therapy sessions poorer, Holly Brunhart no longer hopes to be called Tiny Tush. She joins Blume to put a new spin on the old phrase, “Size Matters.”

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