Brian Brantley, one of the 3 or 4 whitest people I know, came through with the correct ID: It’s the opening refrain in Tupac’s “California Love” (I didn’t hear the “love” part of the song when I first heard the bit… which would have made ID’ing it far easier). Mad props!!!

Now who can ID this movie I once saw: An female office worker with red hair comes home at the end of the day and embarks on a binge eating session like no other (including half a chocolate cake), most of which is consumed in front of the TV. All the while, a guy is hiding in her house, silently observing this. It might be a short film. I saw it on IFC or Sundance, several years ago… but no one has been able to ID it. Mad props and a little Paypal greenery might be yours if you can tell me what it is!

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