Late start today due to intestinal disturbance and sick kid. Finally rolled out to Home Depot et al by 11. Home by 2. It’s now 6. Here’s where the last four hours went:

– Removed old curtain rod attachments and installed new ones, plus curtain rod.
– Removed old thermostat and installed new, fancy touchpad one.
– Removed previous owner’s ridiculous attempt at a lazy susan underneath a corner kitchen cabinet (lots of Saws-All’ing) — this involved two round plates of wood that weren’t actually attached to the center post, so if you actually tried to put anything on the device, it tilted up and fell off. Constructed a base upon which to put some more traditional wire shelving.
– Installed cieling hook for hanging fruit basket.
– Installed new shower head, replacing giant (yet pretty) one that kind of just dribbled water out… water pressure is too low on 3rd story.
– Installed a chain for the bathroom tub drain stopper. (Hey, this took longer than the shower head!)

Did no unpacking, and was thwarted at finishing up my surround sound setup because my speaker wire was about 6 feet too short. Tomorrow…

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