eBay was a bust for me for trying to sell a couple of pieces of original art I own (which don’t really fit in my new house), so I figured I’d take them down to Bonhams & Butterfields today, which offers a free appraisal (and hopefully consignment) session about once a month.

Little did I know: Everyone else has the same idea. The scene is quite unique for San Francisco: Average age of a patron is about 65, with people trying to unload all manner of crap for thousands of dollars in a high stakes public auction. Unfortunately, I was expecting a quick five or ten minutes, in and out, with a slip of paper in hand telling me when my stuff would be sold. No such luck. I made it about an hour before giving up. The appraisal process is ridiculously slow, and the organization of the system so lacking in sense, that by the time I left after standing in line for an hour, there were MORE people in front of me than when I arrived.

Best moment: A woman with about 50 San Francisco 49’ers pins that she wants to sell. Lady, that’s exactly what eBay was invented for!

So anyway, I gave up. My art is now on Craigslist — you know, where all the art connoisseurs hang out. If it’s up your alley, gimme a call, and I’ll make you a deal.

art 1
art 2

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