This is great… somehow another person’s SSN has been mixed up with mine on my credit report. He didn’t pay a bill at some hospital and now we’re in a pickle. Getting through to Experian via the number they provided isn’t much use: They just try to sell you credit report scores and the like.

My favorite bit of this experience has been this page here, clicking “Contact Us” on one of Experian’s helpful website pages:

Well thank god for the internet, where you can find the REAL number to call to talk to a person who might actually be able to fix this issue. But wow, I have a feeling I’m in for a long ride of trying to fix my credit now. The worse news is that Experian was the only one of the three credit companies I could even obtain my report from online. The other two had either broken websites or referred me to make my request in writing. Great…

Contacting Experian

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