I’m reasonably certain that my wife thinks that my job as a freelance journalist involves doing absolutely nothing all day long and then picking up fat checks shortly after dashing off a few emails here and there. Hopefully reading Paul Di Filippo’s piece — about just what it takes to get an assigned story into a major magazine — will change that impression, not to mention give the rest of you some insight into what modern magazine journalism is like. This is especially funny since a good chunk of my work these days is actually for Wired, which Di Filippo writes about here. Though, of course, I would never say that my experiences with that particular publication have been anything other than rose-colored and wonderful. Hi guys!

PS Who was faxing manuscripts, even in 1998? Especially to Wired?

Boing Boing: Writing for Wired, circa 1998, by Paul Di Filippo (click the first link, “Link to PDF file,” for the tale)

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