Today is my daughter’s fourth birthday. Naturally there were presents, including this play food set — I got her a set of Chinese food and sushi so she might someday learn to eat something “exotic.” The foods were a hit, but it wasn’t until I was cleaning up that I discovered this little bonus item we received: A used hairnet, obviously courtesy of one of 3-cents-an-hour foreign laborers who’d assembled the set in the box. (How do I know it was used? There was hair in it!)

Now I’m not squeamish about these kind of things and it’s fortunate I found the item and not my daughter or my wife… but seriously, folks, a hairnet? Dude.

Thanks to Small World Living (aka Small World Toys) for going the extra mile with this Good Fortune Chinese food set! Yum yum dim sum.

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(Hairnet not included with all purchases! Sorry Tennessee!)

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