Tonight is the night when hopes and dreams are thoroughly dashed. I’ve tried out for Jeopardy! twice before, and both times I narrowly missed the 35-questions-out-of-50 cutoff to advance to the second level tryout. (I think, anyway… They don’t tell you your score in the end.)

This year, I’ve sworn off studying, smart drugs, and anything that might actually help me do well on the test (which I’m taking online for the first time). Will it work? Probably not, but I’m a lot less nervous this time out. If you want to tryout, you can register until 7PM PST. (Officially this is just for west coast residents, but really anyone can take the test no matter where they live.) Test is at 8PM. Be there… and I hope you know all your state flowers and first ladies’ middle names.


Some Celebrity Jeopardy SNL clips… (until Youtube deletes them)

And here’s my 1996 memoir of Jeopardy! tryout failure

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