I was in Union Square today and CHP had stopped traffic outside of Tiffany’s. A black, heavily-tinted SUV was waiting, and a couple of paparazzi (or tourists with really nice cameras) were standing around waiting for whoever it was to come out. I heard one say to the other that he had no idea who was in there.

I stepped into William-Sonoma next door for a second, then popped out again only to see the motorcade (two cop cars with sirens going) driving away. Never figured out who it was. Anyone know who could command such attention from the law? I figure it had to be an ex-president or maybe Schwarzenegger. If anyone sees a news report on VIPs in San Francisco on May 1 can you let me know?

Strangely I was in Tiffany’s only an hour earlier to get my wedding ring resized. Apparently my fat sausage fingers have gone up a full size in the last few years. You should have seen the look on the guy’s face when I couldn’t get his gold sizing ring off for a minute…

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