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Last night I stupidly left the garage door open (I must have double-hit the button when I left), and since I have the auto-door-shutting system turned off while our stairs are being worked on, the door apparently remained open all night long. This morning, I found three things had been stolen: Two power drills and an electric corkscrew, all of which had been sitting right by the entrance.

I feel awful about it, mainly because of the wife and kids situation… but grateful that nothing more was taken (like the laptop I’m writing this on). Still, I have to wonder: Two drills and a corkscrew? They even took the chargers for the drills, but not the instruction manual for the corkscrew. Apparently my circular saw, which had been moved from its normal location, was just too heavy to take along.

Kinda nutty is all I’m sayin’. And now I need a new drill.

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