Written by Christopher Null on June 7th, 2009

Oh, the humanity…


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  1. carter says:

    I think your review of Felicia’s Journey is crap. What you connote to be filler can also be seen as digressive. I’m not saying the movie is fucking amazing but I think it’s a very good film because it works…
    It works because it incorporates the issue of abortion, religion, and the unsuspected notion in Hilditch being a killer despite his job stature/mannerisms/character…etc..
    I think it achieves a sense of postmodernism because it combines the Freudian elements between Hilditch and his mother, the soundtrack, both being juxtaposed with Felicia’s character. Also with Ireland and England, a similar dichotomy..

  2. OK then. (You’ll have to forgive my memory, though — I wrote that review TEN YEARS AGO.)

  3. josh says:

    (Movie)NERD FIGHT!!!!

  4. Geddy Gibson says:

    Thing of beauty. Thanks for posting it.