Ever Wonder What Nickelodeon Slime Is Made Out Of?

Well, we were wondering about that last night, so I figured I’d look it up… Wikipedia to the rescue.

Several different recipes of slime were used during the series’ decade-long run, some resulting in thin, watery slime and others in thick, chunky slime. In an interview with YCDTOTV.com, longtime YCDTOTV crew member Bill Buchanan explained the origin of the slime in 1979: “…one script called for this kinda disgusting slimy green stuff – but with no real indication of what it was going to be used for. … The description was that it was just something green and slimy and disgusting … Anyhow, [properties man Paul Copping] mixed up a whole green garbage can … with slime. I know he’d colored it with green latex paint. God knows what else was in it, but it was disgusting. And it was parked inside the studio door, and everyone was kinda avoiding it because it was really foul looking. I mean, he had like sausages floating in it.”

By the time it was actually used to be dumped on a child’s head, toxicity became a concern…

“We concocted some stuff made out of green Jell-o, or gelatin. We made it by the bucket. We bought hundreds of packages of lime Jell-o or gelatin over the years.”

For several years afterwards, the slime consisted of this mixture of lime green gelatin powder and flour; eventually, oatmeal was added to the recipe, as was baby shampoo so that it would wash out of the actors’ hair more easily.

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8 thoughts on “Ever Wonder What Nickelodeon Slime Is Made Out Of?”

  1. Funny you write this, I remember altavista’ing this back in the 90s to figure what the stuff was, and if it was edible. Never found my answer. I suppose it was, but that baby shampoo might leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth..

    1. If the actors are getting the slime in their mouth and might swollow it what would happen. Well I thing that it might be made of sugger, water, and some type of green substance.

  2. I’ve heard that it was apple sauce for a while. Also that it was a mix of gelatin, green food color, and cream of wheat/oatmeal.

  3. What I would like to know is what happens if it gets in their eyes…on the show “Figure it Out” people seem to get it in their eyes all the time. Though, if I were to get it in my eyes then they would immediately start burning and watering. How do they do it? :0

    1. Omg are you kat, arianna g. ? I doubt it but it would be so cool knowing I wrote to you. LOL

  4. I was on Slime Time Live and ate the slime that tasted like applesauce. It pretty much was applesauce.

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