Farewell, Yahoo! Tech

Now redirecting to Yahoo! News, Technology section.

My blog should be reappearing there shortly… when I have an ETA on that I’ll post it here.

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  1. I was wondering where it went and what was going on. My RSS feed stopped working and when I tried to go to tech.yahoo.com I was getting the news….

    Are they just doing a redesign or something?

  2. Hi Chris, welcome back in advance. Do you know if your original posts are available via some kind of Yahoo archive? I need a catch-up lesson on DRM.

    1. I was reading about the Hard drive sea change could bork XP there were a few comments about the story and now cannot find it I would like to know how to go from the standard file size to the new one that was mentioned and one of the readers said there was a way to do this in XP can U help me with this? I hope so I cannot afford to upgrade to window 7 or vista(which I have heard was a complete failure) Thank U have a great day and wish that you were back on Yahoo when they cancelled your feature they suck

  3. Just a comment on your net neutrality comment..
    Much of the activity stems from not having enough system bandwidth to accomodate users. The carriers are all in this problem. As long as you suckers will pay to ride in a high speed cadillac while actually riding in a dodgy Yugo, they are not going to ante up the cash to make the networks right. Government needs to insist of QoS (quality of service) on all carrier networks, and make the carriers justify their rates line-by-line. As the internet is really defacto a public utility, make it so legally, and demand proper service legally.
    Just as a background note, the government is also responsible for a lot of this problem. When they auction the frequencies that the carriers use, they get BILLIONS from them, yet demand no quality of service performance. So networks are built so the carriers can claim they have coverage. As users get tired of crappy service they change carriers. This is known as “Churn”. Then they try to upgrade the problem as user money comes in from customers. So they really are passing along the screwing they got from the government to the user chumps. FCC (and the government..) are the root cause of most of the problems due to hunger for money to fund the government. If they auctioned off frequencies that were bound by Quality of Service regulations, and had the tax money come in per user added it would be better. They would not have NOT the big financial gain up front, but life would be better as the carriers could implement the system correctly, and would be required to maintain a decent service. The government would actually get more money taxing by user as it would be a decent system.
    I am an engineer that helps provide microwave links to get bandwidth to cell sites. I wonder what would happen if you put out a call for industry insiders to tell you what was going on inside the carriers? I will bet you will get lots of info that you never suspected existed.

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