I’m Talking Mangos

Can someone explain to me where the produce that those guys sell on the side of the road actually comes from? And how come there seems to be so much of it?

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One thought on “I’m Talking Mangos”

  1. Depends on who is selling, what the product is, where you see it. In my area we see a lot of people selling oranges or strawberries by the roadside. Usually that is a small company that goes to the grower’s area and either buys direct from the grower, or buys from someone who works for the grower and is stealing. They get a bunch of boxes of the fruit, drive to another area, and then have some very underpaid person stand by a busy corner selling. If that person doesn’t sell it all, they often don’t get paid. You are getting the same fruit you would in your grocery, usually, and even though you may feel that you are helping that person on the roadside they are usually being exploited terribly.

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