Copy Hard Disks in Windows for Free

I use Clonezilla regularly to clone disks, but if I can mount both disks in Windows, why deal with the command line? Macrium Reflect does the job, with a few points and clicks, for free. Perfect for if you have, say, two USB drives you want to copy more reliably than drag-and-dropping from within Windows Explorer. (Hint: It never works!)

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2 thoughts on “Copy Hard Disks in Windows for Free”

  1. How long does Clonezilla take? I use Image for Linux and it, obviously, depends on the HDD size, but a 160GB HDD that is half empty (or full) takes about an hour. I use that, mainly for a backup copy or deploying one image to multiple machines. I, also, use Ghost when I clone directly from one HDD to a replacement HDD but that takes forever.

  2. Josh – totally depends on the size of the drives and their speed, but the times you’re seeing for Image sound about the same for Clonezilla. CZ isn’t hard to use, i’d just rather do it in from the GUI if possible and not boot from a CD or USB drive.

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