‘Tis the Season

Neighbors missed the memo that last week was Christmas tree pickup, and the trash company makes zero exceptions.

The battle of wills starts today.

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Christopher Null

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One thought on “‘Tis the Season”

  1. I agree Mr Null.
    Plenty of Novatoans (residents of Novato) will be upset by the tree cadaver crisis. Every year it’s the same: those residents who met the not-so-vague tree pickup deadline will be vexed and frequently posting on Nextdoor about the unsightly trees.
    Then we’ll have those who missed the deadline being like, “woah-whoa-whoa… it’s not my fault dude. I pay my garbage fees. I’m entitled. Back the fuck up.”
    Then the do-gooders will be like “we’ll let me tell you something Mr Potty Mouth…”.
    Then it really begins.

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