Another True Post Office Story. Little 3-years-old-or-so kid (wearing oversized horn-rimmed sunglasses) is wandering around the post office, collecting the various forms — mail forwarding, customs declaration, Selective Service forms, etc. — available at kid-height. Mom is getting a $1,100 money order at the counter, and the kid is starting to get loud. “Okay, that’s enough!” she tells him, adding “And now I’m getting upset!” “It’s NOT enough!” the kid cries. He starts literally crying, dropping his forms all over the place. Each time he picks one up, he drops one he’s already gathered, sending him back to the ground again and again. “It’s NOT enough, it’s NOT enough, it’s NOT enough!” Over and over, this is his complaint.

Hate to tell ya, kid, but soon enough you’ll be swimming in so much junk mail that it’ll really make you start to cry. It’s enough, trust me.

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