My Understanding of the Ukraine Conflict

Do I have this right?

Putin is upset that Ukraine is getting too cozy with Europe and NATO, so he says, “Fine! I’ll bomb the shit out of you! That will make them love me!”

What am I missing?

I’m Part of the Junior High Zeitgeist, I Guess?

Instructions/Directions: Listen to an audio clip based on the article written by Christopher Null (Null, 2020). The material contains a mother’s sentiment about her child’s difficult situation. After listening thoroughly to the details, write about the situation or problem you would analyze and suggest an effective solution to it. Write on the lines provided accordingly.

While We’re at It…

What is the proper etiquette these days when someone is a no-show on a conference call? How long do you officially have to wait before you give up?

(I propose 8 minutes.)

A Modest Proposal for Zoom Etiquette

I hereby propose the following for use in Zoom and other video-based meetings:

If a person is trying to speak but inadvertently has their microphone “on mute,” simply hold your hand over your mouth to indicate visibly that you are unable to hear them.

Planning Ahead

Domain names that are unavailable: is available. For now.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

Some acid-based chemical cleaner leaked out on a shelf. Now wondering if I should frame it.