Reacting to the news that the “finger in the chili” case may all be a hoax (see link), we trekked to Wendy’s for lunch today in celebration. Not very busy, just a couple of old geezers talking about cars. Still, somehow, there’s a line.

Anyway, our intrepid intern Danny bravely ordered the chili, and he had a conversation with the manager (I’m guessing — he had on a different shirt than everyone else) about it that went like this (all quotes are from memory; I’ve tried to preserve the exchange the best I can):

Danny: Give me a #1 with a side of chili.

Manager: You want the chili instead of the fries or on the side?

Danny: Um… on the side. I want the fries too. So you know that finger thing…

Manager (interrupting, laughing): No I don’t know nothing about it!

Danny: No no, it’s a hoax, man! She made it up!

Manager: Nah, no no…

Danny: Yeah.

Manager (handing him the chili): Be careful man, you might get lucky and catch one in there!

Wendy’s line workers actually want the finger story to be real!

LOCAL 8 :: KFMB Stations, San Diego, California – Search for Clues in Windy’s Finger in Chili Case Continues

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