Planes, Trains, and Vaporettos

Written by Christopher Null on May 24th, 2010

Just back from 8 glorious days in Italy… jet lagged like nobody’s business, but replete

Thinking about all the forms of travel required to get from here to Florence, around Tuscany, to Venice, back to Florence, and back to San Francisco. Looks a bit like this (not including copious amounts of time spent on foot):

taxi, plane, bus, plane, taxi, taxi, car (rental), car (friend), car (rental), taxi, train, boat(s), train, taxi, plane, taxi

All that’s missing is the rickshaw!


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  1. sounds like you didn’t go for package tour.

    wouldn’t it be cheaper?

    usually rentals are cheaper, if you go for packages.

    similarly, if we rent a classroom in singapore, renting it with photocopier, printer, receptionist’s services, etc means overall lower average costs.