Just Me?

Does anyone else, when driving at night, look at the taillights of the other cars and imagine them, along with the car’s other features, into cartoonish faces? (Pro tip: The taillights are not always the eyes!)

The Winning Shot

Couldn’t be prouder of my wife, the newly-anointed award-winning photographer. If you can’t get to the fair, here’s a photo of the winning photo…

Gee Hubspot, How Could I Refuse?

Hi Unknown:

I am heading out for a territory visit tomorrow morning through Friday this week.

Please respond back with one of these options (just trying to make this easy for you).

  1. I want to meet to discuss HubSpot options while you are here.
  1. We are hosting a marketing workshop downtown on Thursday from 12-4. Sign up to come here- https://offers.hubspot.com/grow-with-hubspot-san-francisco-march-16-2017

If you want to book a meeting with me you can here- https://app.hubspot.com/meetings/apowell

Hope to hear back!


Ali Powell

Principal 3 Sales Rep

Book a meeting with me here: https://app.hubspot.com/meetings/apowell

A Brief Update

Sorry to leave so many of you hanging and sending me texts and emails about this issue, but yes, the Christmas tree is gone. I miss it greatly, but look forward to its return in 10 short months.

Day 19

Alas, the tree is gone, chopped up and put in the very compost bin that once stood as its impromptu tree stand. We thank you for your service, and look forward to another slow death in 2018.

Signing off!

Day 15

Now shit’s getting real. Yes, that is a tree jammed into a compost bin, passed over for a third time by the disposal company.

(And yes, this is a different tree further up the street. Tree #2 vanished in the night. This one’s the last holdout.)